About us

Ash corporate solutions has diverse interest ranging from Interior designing to its implementation. Indoor infrastructure Engineering includes providing and installing Modular Furniture | LED Lighting | Safetefy Management e.g. CCTV cameras etc. | Ceiling and Flooring | uPVC Doors and Windows etc.

Our main motive is to provide any product or service to your organization at a respectable price and assurance of providing and fixing the material at your place on prescribed time. We are committed to ensuring that both the products and the marketing activities employed truly make a difference to people’s lifestyles and offer them new dimensions of enjoyment. We are also into designing and documenting Gas and Petroleum safatey management as per PESO guidelines.

Apart from all we are also into Steel Structure Designing for industrial and corporate units.

Top Quality

We provide you only those vendors who are BIFMA certified, have ISO certifications and ergnomically designed products

Timely Delivery

The delivery of your customers’ goods is the last stage of the fulfilment process and we are committed to our words.

Experienced Staff

Employees. They're the one thing that businesses everywhere have a need for. We are a team of responsible, focused, organized and mature workers.

Top Brand Dealers

We are the authorized dealers for world's renowned companies like Wipro, SONY, AKAI, VEKA, Rehaou, Armstrong, Panasonic, Herman Kardon